The man every lady respects…

Kevin Shitsukane

Real men never open their mouths to ask for respect, they command it naturally. The day you start asking for respect is the day you lose it. If you have it, you will not ask or demand for it! It comes to you effortlessly!

Every woman respect men who have these qualities:


Nothing makes a woman bow before a man than wisdom. When you open your mouth and timeless treasures flow out, she will stand stunned, dazed, wowed and glued. She wants to listen to you over and over again but when you open your mouth and nothing comes out but crap, senseless jokes, stupid words and banter, boy, she will duck, no, she will pick race. Are you a man of wisdom? Your wife will surely love listening to you over and over and over again…


Men who make cool money command ladies’ respect effortlessly, call them greedy, that’s your business! No woman wants to suffer in marriage! You must carry your two legs out of your house every morning and make good money if you want your wife to respect you. Any man who depends on his wife to eat needs serious deliverance! Forget about yahoo boys and pray for financial success bro! Not every millionaire stole pants for money rituals! Not all CEOs are yahoo boys! Not all business tycoons buried human heads under their businesses! God is a giver of TRUE wealth! The bible says, “The BLESSINGS of the Lord maketh RICH!” Rich men command respect easily, you may hate to hear it, but it is the truth. However, start small and grow big! That is the problem of today’s youths. No one wants to start small. Everyone wants to ride “Logo Benz” hence the money ritual! You better save yourself and generations unborn from untimely death by steering clear of blood money. Start small, work hard and grow big, that’s how to be great. Virtuous women respect hardworking men and will support them when necessary.

Can you quell the turbulence?


A man who stares at women’s breasts, buttocks, and lips is sick! No, admiring a woman is different. Men naturally admire attractive women but if you stare, you STARE like a big-eyed fish, you need a psychiatrist’s attention! Look once and look away, that’s okay, that’s decent. I know men look so telling you not to look is unrealistic. I am against staring and drooling! A man who controls his libido commands a woman’s respect any day, any time! If you must grab and grope every time you see a woman you are a piss off! Honourable men respect ladies! Men who command women’s respect have a clean, pure, bed sheet not wrinkled or stained with lust and premarital sex!


Givers are automatic respect commanders! Giving is not about the volume but the condition of heart. Some men are so stingy they must ask for sex in return of Shs100 recharge card. What’s your problem? Are you so poverty-stricken you can’t release Shs500 without asking for sex? Is Shs10,000 your God? Is it the end of your life? Will you die if you help the daughter of Sarah with just Shs50,000? FIFTY THOUSAND SHILLINGS! I rebuke that stingy, backward, stagnant spirit out of your life in Jesus’ name! Givers are respect commanders! Learn to give to God, your family and your parents, blessings will flow into your life effortlessly.


Your love for her is important

God chasers are automatic respect commanders! When I see a man who loves the Lord, who LOVES the Lord, oh my, oh my, that is so so sexy to me, muuuaaah!


It is an irresponsible man that will ill-treat his wife and expect her to respect him. It is the son of satan that will starve, abuse and even beat his wife and expect her to scream “Yes sir!” to his commands and jumps at his every beck and call! It is a bushman that will neglect his wife and expect her to honour him. Ho- what? You do not deserve honour sir. The Bible says, “Give honour to whom honour is due”. Honour is not due to a stingy, irresponsible drunkard and a womanizer! Respect is not commanded Huncle, it is earned!

Start earning it from today and you will feel better, love yourself more and achieve more results in your relationships, personal life, career and business!