Golden rules to marital bliss (2)

Kevin Shitsukane

There is more to making your marriage beautiful than being present. You have got to get your hands dirty seeing that you are two imperfect people that have become one. That said, it is not impossible to enjoy your marriage if you…..

Respect one another: True love yields great respect. Honour and respect your spouse regardless of their status, age, or post they are, respect them. Since we have been courting, my wife has embodied respect in unfothomable ways. She gave me the respect of a Christian brother like we met at church. Right from school and up till now she never called me by my first name. Same pet name up till now. Though this is one of herown code of respect, you may find calling one another by first name romantic. Your code of respect may be different.

Such a gesture is for your spouse only, not every one. Keep yourself for him or her only.

Feed your spouse: Growth is known with feeding. Feed your love with good food and sex. Let the man provide for his wife and let the woman be always responsible to make good meals for her husband. Don’t let your spouse lack good sex. Keep your body for your spouse. Make it pleasant and appealing. Be available!

Speak your spouse’s love language: Find out your spouse’s love language to satisfy them. Do not give him/her what you love. Give him/her what he/she loves.

Obey him, Love her: Man must give orders as the head. Women obey first even when not pleasant or convenient. Pray and Discuss it. God owns the heart of the kings. Your husband is the king. God knows how to control him to suit you. Kings love your Queens! Cherish her and honour her!

Work for trust: Trust is built and earned not gained! Let your behaviour and character build up trust for you by your spouse. Work for trust! It is not automatically gained.

Apologise always: Learn to apologise always when at fault. Even if you are not sure who was right or wrong, for peace sake apologise. The partner that seeks peace is the closest to the mind of God. Always be the peace maker.

Show care and concern: Be mindful of your spouse’s situation either good or bad. Remember their special days, celebrate your spouse on his/her birthday. Take care when they are sick, tired or weak. Do not neglect your spouse for any reason. Stand with them!

When trust is wanting, discord is obvious.

Keep your friendship alive: Every relationship is started with friendship so do not lose it. When friendship stops, a relationship is no longer interesting.

Keep Your Friendship alive! Keep the life glowing. Let your spouse be your best friend. Court your spouse over and over! Courtship is sweet!

Do not substitute your spouse with anyone: You and your spouse are one in unity of body and spirit. Do not give out your spouse’s space to another. Your mother, father, sibling or any relative must not take the place of your spouse.

Be faithful: For no reason should you be unfaithful to your spouse. Keep your bed pure. Let his or her body satisfy you. Let his or lips satisfy you. When you feel unsatisfied, speak out! Work both on the difference. When your spouse complains, handle the situation with great wisdom. Do not push him or her out! If you have offended in this please stop! Do not continue but repent!

Work out your marriage: A good marriage is not made from heaven, you’ve got to work out what you want in your marriage. A good marriage is hard work and not for lazy couples. When you see flourishing marriages, know that they are working it out! Prepare to work for a good marriage by faith. We shall all have marital Bliss in Jesus’ name.

I pray for every home having marriage problems, for supernatural solutions towards marital bliss in Jesus name.

I pray for many in wrong relationships, that God Almighty will disconnect them supernaturally from such relationships and settle them in their God’s will relationships in Jesus Mighty Name.


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