Spotlight on Mental Health with Molly Esther

The Unveil

This one is undoubtedly one of my favorite human beings. She is a multifaceted young promising lady that I adore and respect. I admire her sense of style, her love for her people and the fiery determination to push through difficulty and of course her will to achieve that is always punctuated with the numerous brilliant ideas she comes up with.

Her varied interests and passions are what make her such a fascinating person! I’ve had the privilege of watching her pursue her passions and her journey is one to watch!

She is my blood sister. And she is gracing out series today! Come on here, and let’s get to know about my baby sister, friend and hey, the vice president of my fan club!

Don’t forget to show her some love on the comments section before you leave.

Jael K.

How are you truly?

I am peaceful, happy…

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