One woman is enough

One woman is all you need

Believing that my memory serves me right, I have seen a meme of the beauty of having more than one wife. From my point of view, having to share my husband with another woman is sacrilegious. I would not have it. In fact, several years back, two years into marriage, that almost threw a curve ball in our marriage. Thankfully, he sorted himself out.

One thing I have come to appreciate is that managing two women is not easy because women love quality time. Who are you going to starve at the expense of another? That is the start of chaos in your home. By the way, you will age because of that stress. Ask father Abraham, he will narrate.

The other thing is that having one woman, inspite of being the head of the house is discipline. Keeping a tight rope is no joke and those that have done it have mastered a high level of discipline. See, being disciplined is not for anyone but yourself because when you restrain you, you will have peace at night.

Imagine laying your head down and the thoughts literally cause you to jolt because you are wondering what will happen if your wife finds out about the side chic, or how you must look for school fees for the other children yet one source of income has trickled dry. Mehhnnnn, that is a lot of work that could drive you to your grave prematurely.

That is not to say that staying chaste is a walk in the park. However, when you think of the cost such as the chaos of dealing with different homes, cutting corners, dealing with angry women, but most importantly the spiritual weight of infidelity, you want to stay put.

Well, there is a choice to be made, what will yours be?


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