It is not a boy/girl thing

Marriage is an amazing institution, one that is not supervised by any one in particular yet the whole world is and assessing you. In essence, it is not for boys or girls, in essence, age is not the issue here as many want to make it seem because one can be 50 yet still think like a 10 year old. And this issue is why many marriages fail.

When you decide to get married, you must decide to graduate to maturity. It is a decision no one can or will ever make for you. As such, there are some things you ought to do for the sake of your marriage.

Choose to prioritise your marriage: When you make the choice to get married or marry, putting your marriage first is none negotiable. That means all other things come after, even your leadership role at church or anywhere else for that matter.

Learn to be selfless: Marriage is not for selfish or self centered people. If you still want to think about yourself only, never thinking about what your decisions will do to your partner, then it is better to stay single.

Be ready to communicate: Many writers, authors and speakers have shared about the importance of communication in marriage or any relationship for that matter. Its importance cannot be underestimated. You must learn how to speak when you are hurt yet also be ready to listen when your spouse is speaking. It is about creating an atmosphere where there is freedom to speak about everything and anything. Be civilised enough to hold a civilised conversation even when the situation is tense so that without bickering, you reach a conclusion.

Sleep at home: When married, you sleep at home rather than sleeping around. You cannot be sleeping at your parents’ home today and then at your friends’ place the next day for no apparent reason.

Marriage, is indeed, a thing of the mature. Therefore, choose to grow up and save your marriage for those already there. In case you are hoping to get in, take time to mature up.