Is he ready?

He needs to be groomed into his role.

Marriage is the only institution where you get a certificate before finishing the course. In that thread, often times, he is not ready for her but she is for him. It is a tough scenario and owing to that, we are faced with a marriage pandemic. Usually, the girl child is prepared for marriage; taught how to cook, reminded that she’ll one day take care of her own children. She is trained on how to take care of her home, that the man has to be respected and the like. On the flip side, the only thing men are told, summarily, is that they are going into marriage to be king and will be served by their wife.

Unfortunately, being a husband is never about being a boss but a serious call to leadership. So here is this young lady who has been polished for the marriage institution; reading books, and attending seminars on marriage getting married to a young man with the belief that he will lead her. Sadly, leadership is not in his vein, he lacks a clear vision; if he even has a sketch at all, cannot protect her and marriage is no where in his priorities.

He will definitely, fail her and the sad bit is that this lady could start blaming herself for the failures in marriage. Can we prepare our boys for the journey ahead as well? It takes two to make a meaningful marriage.