What is your standard?

A lasting marriage goes beyond the wedding.

Listening to Ps Beatrice Byemanzi (Bee3) talk about relationships, I was amazed. See she highlights why several church girls find the church boys boring. “The boys in the world are on a market. They have been trained about which cologne to wear, how to splash gifts here and there. Subsequently, they can date five girls at a go. However, the church boy is not your movie boy; not on the market trying to please girls. They are following God, praying for a spouse, thus might look slow, and not fly. And while they need to be taught, girls need to learn that the Word says, “He who finds…..””

She thus says if the girls are complicated, yet this man is not about people-pleasing or scoring cards, they will easily get scared. “See they have heard the girls speak, demeaning the boys around them and this boy will run for dear life with the fear that this girl could kill her should he try to marry her.”

The issue is that many girls today are very complicated brides looking for more than what their budgets can handle. At times, the decisions of a big wedding are borne out of fear because of what you saw in their father (he failed to provide), so this girl thinks they must find a man with a Range Rover, a mansion, and the like. “Darling, these things disappear as well. We have seen it happen.

Summarily, do not admire married people without understanding where they have come from. The two have worked on one another, seeing substance and value beyond what the eye could see. The onus is on you to get someone whose heart is after God and walk together. With God at the centre of it all, the rest will be added to yoou.


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