A little about the blog..

It is still possible to get the marriage of your dreams

It is amazing to learn more about how I can uplift, please, and compliment my spouse. While it would be of no harm to keep it to myself, I thought it better to share what I have learned over the last 10 years with you. God has continues to be gracious to me and my husband that we can walk this journey that is filled with ups and downs and draw lessons.

Come and join me how to make our marriages flourish in an era where marriage is under attack. How do we have fun in our marriages yet still align with God’s will for us? How do we raise the next generation of Godly marriages? How do we become role models to our children? That and much more will feature on these paages.

Join me for the buffet whether you are married, engaged, single as well as those on the fence.


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