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Relathionships rule the world

It is an honour to have yet another guest writer, Pr Ken, from Tent of Testimonies International. The youth pastor is also very knowledgeable and passionate about relationships and people. He gives us his 2 cents about how the world revolves around relationships. To say that the world revolves around relationships is an understatement. When… Continue reading Relathionships rule the world

Joab gave up group-football for his Irene….

The good book asks us to welcome people for some have entertained angels. So when Joab through his friend Dorothy in 2012 accepted Irene to join them at table, he was letting in an angel that would turn his world upside up, if that exists.  “Meeting with a friend, Dorothy, for coffee, a stunningly beautiful and elegant lady came and greeted us. Then… Continue reading Joab gave up group-football for his Irene….

Standing tall despite the cancer…..

Marriage is beautiful, but just like a rose, it has several thorns and how you deal with them determines if you will continue to enjoy its beauty or loathe it. For Martin and Judith Sserunkuuma, the major thorn was a cancer diagnosis. “We can only testify that it was only God on our side, the author and finisher of our faith as is stated in Heb.12:2, who saved our marriage. “ Two weeks before giving… Continue reading Standing tall despite the cancer…..

To love and to hold…..

He loved her from onset but she had never seen him in that even when he stepped out and said, “I love you”, she brushed it off. Josephine Korutaro, after S6 was only at World Vision to keep busy, so what did Rhobert Korutaro see in her? “She has a very pleasant personality thus drawing people in and… Continue reading To love and to hold…..

Precursor to that divorce….

Marriage is a Sacrifice; a Relationship between two Forgivers. That is to say that the adage, “Error is to human’, is applicable to singles as much as it is for marrieds. Error happens more in marriage because you are two strangers making a bed together. That said, NO Marriage breaks overnight. The break goes through… Continue reading Precursor to that divorce….

Standing tall…

Oftentimes, courtship is amaazing and we believe that all will be rosy when we tie the knot. However, marriage is the only institution where a certificate is issued before course completion. Essentially, the certificate is an invitation to put in the work. That is what Ps Mark and Auntie Maureen Mukisa learned along the way.… Continue reading Standing tall…


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